Giving Honor to Our Graduates

Dear LWF Family,

On Sunday, May 21st, we will be honoring our graduates during our service. Please plan to be with us as we pray over and give special recognition to those who have successfully completed their academic goals, and who seek God's will and direction in their lives.

If you are blessed this year with a graduate (high school or college) who would like to participate, or if you know of an individual in our fellowship who is graduating and should be recognized, please contact Pastor Al Mendenhall as soon as possible.

Please join us (beginning service at 10:30am) as we pray God's blessing and continued favor upon each of them in preparation for our gathering that Sunday.

Faithfully in Christ's love,
Pastor Al ~ for your LWF pastors

*P.S. On Sunday, May 20th, participants, please arrive by 10:15am. Thank you!*

Published May 31, 2012